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Implementing Continuous Improvement and problem-solving at work does not have to be difficult or complex. Aside from its theory-rich and data-driven methodology, the Lean Six Six Sigma framework also offers a vast wealth of practical problem-solving and work improvement tools.

In many cases it can be more beneficial to start out with putting these tools into practice rather than jumping straight into a full company-wide implementation.

After all, while a robust improvement structure will do wonders for productivity, at its core problem-solving is simply about knowing the right tools for the challenges you are facing. That is why each of our online courses focuses on a specific tool or method, focusing on practical benefits and applicability first and foremost.

Solving small frustrations, inefficiencies, and productivity roadblocks (collectively referred to as ‘Waste’), is the first step to achieving operational excellence. Browse our online courses, select the methods and tools you need, and let complacency become a thing of the past!


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Methods with which to structure and direct continuous improvement.

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Yellow Belt training
Stand’up meeting
Lean 5S Management
Kaizen Training
Healthcare Yellow Belt


Tools with which to solve problems and make improvements.

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A3 Project Structure
DMAIC Project Structure
Value Stream Mapping
Poka Yoke
Decision-making tools
Basic Statics for Six Sigma


Our course packs are curated collections of online courses that synergize well with one another. The courses in each pack were hand-picked by our learning experts to help you reach a specific personal development goal. And while we weren’t looking, they even added a friendly discount into the mix. Sneaky buggers.

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The courses in each pack were hand-picked by our learning experts to help you reach a specific personal development goal

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Management Pack
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